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Web Photo Album 1.2

Web Photo Album let publish our photos in the web site pho.to or in our web
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With Web Photo Album we can publish our photos in the web site pho.to or in our web, this tool makes all the work by itself.
When we open the program asks for the name that we want to add to our album and we can see the demo in the program that teach to us how to use this useful program.
We can see one toolbar, one panel and one window. In the toolbar we can find the button album in it we can open, save or publish our photos, the next button is the settings in it we can add images, folders, create a new folder, up or down in the folder levels, add or remove folders. Other is the template button in it we can choose between an incredible number of them, we can install all and share our templates, in the customize button we can customize the header and the footer of our pages.
In the Publish button ,we can export to pho.to or export a folder, in the pho.to button we can login to our account, and in the nexts buttons we can handle our photos and templates with the buttons back, forward and up.
This is an amazing program and recommend it.

Paula Ledesma
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  • Can install and share our templates
  • Can save in our hard drive and publish our photos in the pho.to web or in our web


  • Has no disadvantages
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